Georgy Girl, Rose, Sparkling Red

Who is Georgy Girl?

Who is Georgy Girl?

(August 2017)

Georges Wines have expanded their catalogue in 2017 to include two new offerings to the market, a Sparkling Red & Rosé under the “Georgy Girl” label.

Popularised in the 60’s by the Woodstock generation, the Georgy Girl Rosé is a nod to the classic era of carefree good times, celebrations and party. The Georgy Girl Rosé makes for an excellent “bring along wine” to accompany any party or get-together.

The Georgy Girl Sparkling Red is a more sophisticated party drink, a perfect substitute to the traditional champagne and a fascinating drink to observe in the glass. A sweeter, lighter drink than traditional red wine that’s more fruit than fizz, the Sparkling Red is the “Try Something New” drink.

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